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[01 Sep 2004|11:44am]
I suppose it was only a matter of time before such a vulnerable area as Hogsmeade was targeted. But with werewolves in tow! It shows just how disgraced the so-called Death Eaters are, to have affiliated themselves with such creatures. Of course I would expect nothing less from criminals of their nature! If it had been up to me they would be rounded up and sent straight off to Azkaban, every last one of them. However, as it is not in any part my obligation I will simply state that I have full confidence that Minister Bagnold will do just that!

As for myself, I have completed the mandatory (and rather superfluous if I do say so myself) basic training to prepare me for my encounters with Dark Creatures in the field. But it would seem that following the latest attack against Hogsmeade, our department feels that further precautions are necessary, and so I will continue with another week and a half, for the purposes of defending myself against Dark Wizards and, in particular, Death Eaters.

Such a wretched title to have, isn't it? Death Eater? I wonder what that means. They aren't cannibals, are they? I wouldn't be surprised, naturally, but that is truly a horrific thought! It would be best not to dwell on it.

So! Where was I? Yes, the training... of course it's little more than a glorified Dark Arts Defence class (which I must admit, humbly, that I excelled in!) but I will comply with the orders from the top office, trivial though they may be. I suppose it will prove useful in the end, for my fellows if not myself. Ah! And speaking of which, I have met several of the people who are to be assigned to our little expedition. Mr Terrence Bodger, a spirited elderly chap, and the charming Miss Brianna Wescott of Eaton, both fully trained Aurors. Wonderful people, I should enjoy travelling with them. There will be others, of course, but I have yet to make their formal acquaintance. I can scarcely wait until we finally depart; all this tedious preparation is making me rather impatient!

I think that I shall bring this delightful little journal along with me, to keep a record of events. Nothing that would pose any threat to the security of Ministy intelligence, naturally, but just as something to remember how the thing goes. Perhaps to use in a memoir or some such at a later time?

Hmm, now that is something to consider.

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[16 Aug 2004|10:13pm]
It is an interesting thing, working under Miss Bagnold for... my, nearly two weeks now, hasn't it been? There's been a subtle but definite shift in the atmosphere here, in my department (I cannot speak for the others, of course, but during my appointments I have noticed the difference throughout the Ministry.) There are some, of course, who support our new Minister, some who feel as though she is initiating a rather grand step in the right direction. She does indeed have a very impressive record, if I say so myself, and just the can-do attitude that I believe is necessary for the job.

I will not deny that I am, myself, an avid supporter of Miss Bagnold and her plans for the Ministry's future! Every word of hers is backed with such inspiring power as to make one want to leap up and exclaim quite loudly whatever exclamation is appropriate for the situation. Such is her driving influence that, although I understand what a valuable asset I am in my present company, I have been getting rather restless as of late with my current position. It seems it is not enough for a man of such spirited nature as I to be content to sit in an office and occasionally have tea with the odd goblin- no, it is not, and this has become increasingly apparent to me in recent days! I feel personally moved toward greater things, to act, as it were, doing my utmost to aid the Ministry's progress, guiding it's long arm of efficient benevolence throughout the lands that house its humble citizens! I do not believe, so long as there is an injustice to be demolished, that I am willing, or capable, of giving so meager an effort as I do now!

So, it is with the inspired words of our new Minister resounding in my ears that I make this choice, to put my very life on the line to protect in some small way the lives of every wizard and witch in this country and indeed, the countries of our friends and allies as well! Regrettable circumstances did not permit me to enrol into training as an Auror (most unfortunate) but I believe that this is the best course of action I can take, and I am thoroughly willing to give it my all and then some! It is a daunting task, and I am ready for it!

Ooh, I must write to Nanny, she'll be so delighted to hear about my promotion!

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[06 Jul 2004|12:16pm]
Well then.

I really cannot seem to find the words necessary to express my shock at what has happened to our dear late Mr Cygnus! I never would have imagined that anyone would be capable of such a horrible thing. To outright murder a man on his holiday! Is there no dignity in this world? No shame? I am perfectly horrified at these events, I must say, as is the rest of the wizarding world, I am sure. I suppose there is not much to be done about it except to join my fellow wizards (and witches!) in mourning.

I regret to say that I did not know Mr Cygnus very well at all, though we had met on occasion and I was very happy to have done so. He was an admirable person with many outstanding qualities, as was his wife, whom I had the good fortune of meeting once or twice. That anyone could wish them dead leaves me utterly baffled, but I suppose that certain persons who shall not be named in this journal have so little honour that they feel entitled to murder our beloved Minister in such a cruel fashion. I can only hope that these loathsome criminals are quickly brought to justice!

The office is very quiet today - as silent as a grave, I would say, if I did not think it to be in such poor taste. Everyone seems to still be feeling the shock of going about without our Minister. However we continue to work as effectively as ever, even in the wake of such a tragedy. At present the esteemed Mr Hamal is acting in Mr Cygnus' place, until the time at which we can appoint a new Minister for Magic. I'm afraid there's no saying how long that will take, or indeed if it will come about at all. But never fear, for while there is still loyalty to the Minister's rather posh seat and to the hopes and ideals that the belated Mr Cygnus has supplied us with, the Ministry will continue to bear the brightly shining torch of progress and leadership! It will simply be in smaller hands for the time being.

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[31 May 2004|01:14pm]
This morning was utterly appalling. I was asked to be in attendance during a meeting with a number of Dark Creatures that the Ministry has gotten a hold of in recent weeks - the whole ordeal is terrifically tiring, I must say, and I am eager to see its closure. But in the meantime, my presence was requested for a minor trying of several vampires from around Italy (I believe I mentioned them before, they are suspected of working with the Death Eaters) who had been found... well, I won't say doing what exactly, for those of you with weaker constitutions. Needless to say it was a dreadful thing to be done and I can't imagine anyone ever using a ladle in that manner without quite a bit of tricky magic and a good deal of Spellotape.

I was late for the trial, though of course through no fault of my own. I am beginning to think that secretarial lad must have it in for me. It's really quite irritating when I am forced to go back and correct his mistakes. He's really a very nice chap but there's something off about him and I can never find him when he's needed. He is certain to be sacked if this atrocious behaviour keeps up.

Ah, now I'm going rather off the topic, aren't I? Where was I... oh yes, the trial. I shall spare you all the details, as these things are not nearly as interesting as most would assume. It took place down in the holding cells, where the Ministry occasionally keeps light-sensitive creatures for questioning and such. There was a list of charges, and some discussion on the proper punishment for the vampires in question. They didn't seem very pleased by the outcome, even though it was ultimately decided that they were not, in fact, acting on Death Eater orders. A small scuffle broke out. I, of course, ran forward to try and contain them while my colleagues panicked but in the chaos of the moment I had my foot stomped on quite rudely, and my new apricot silk cloak was torn beyond repair. I must admit that I am very unhappy with this, but it seems that the ruining of a quite expensive cloak does not consitute a much stricter punishment than what had been agreed on. I do hate to speak ill of my employers, but I hardly think it was very professional to let them off so lightly when I was in very real danger of being cursed or bitten or some other nasty fate like that. I put my life on the line this morning and not a soul even thanked me for it! The audacity!

I must go over to dear lady Malkin's to have my cloak replaced. It wouldn't do to look as shabby and unprofessional as I now appear with a great gash in my outfit, I look positively wretched.

Ah, and I'd just remembered, little Antonia was about earlier asking if I'd seen a young dragon trainer anywhere in the offices today. She seems to think that he'd be arriving to meet her for a date or some bother. Silly girl, she's very sweet but can be rather naive at times. It was probably just some assistant with a lot of talk. Or perhaps the secretary, she did say she'd seen him with one of the other workers that I know he goes about with sometimes. That must be it.

Honestly, a dragon trainer. Preposterous.

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[09 May 2004|09:36am]
Well now! It's good to see these familiar pages again, although I see a great deal of things have happened since I last checked, and not all of them good. Naturally I feel I must address these issues, but my time is unfortunately limited, so at present I will take it upon myself to attend to the most important issue by far, the situation regarding the escaped werewolves. Of course I, above all of you, have authority on this matter, being as I am in a very important station in the Ministry's Control of Magical Creatures department; and so I feel it is my responsibility to quell the fears of those of you who worry for your own safety, and that of your loved ones.

Yes it is true there are two remaining werewolves loose. I ask you not to panic, however. As I write this there are several very efficient groups of Ministry officials tracking them down, and I have every confidence in their abilities. As soon as they are captured they will be brought into custody, registered, educated to their condition and of course punished to the full extent of the law for not turning themselves in earlier. Now I understand that some of you feel rather sympathetic toward these creatures for their condition, and it is indeed unfortunate that it should have happened at all, but I must remind you that these people are no longer within the full parameters of what one might call humanity. That is to say, they are, by Ministry decree, animals. Specifically very dangerous, unpredictable, volatile (if a bit mentally sluggish) animals, to be treated with the utmost caution if encountered. Indeed, if you are aware of any of these creatures in the area I ask you to contact Ministry officials immediately, to be sure that the person has all their proper files in order and have been fully instructed in the matter of proper personal detainment.

If any of you reading this still feel in danger of your lives, there have been, since the escape of Mr Arlott, many means of protection from these creatures available for purchase in any wizarding location. In fact I have been informed (though I have not been myself, I have heard this from several people who have been) that there is a certain vendor in Diagon Alley that specializes in the deterrent of Dark Creatures - a Mr Helsvig, I believe his name is - who has recently increased his stock of anti-werewolf merchandise to accommodate the recent increase in their numbers. He has a number of items to protect against them including, as I have heard, specialized wards, charms and volumes of protective spells, and a wide array of silver weaponry (as you know, werewolves are severely allergic to silver, so if you ever need to defend yourself this is what you would have to use, although I knew a woman once who swore by steeped raisin juice.) I highly suggest that those of you who have not yet taken such precautions should do so as soon as possible, as the Ministry wishes to keep the spread of lycanthropy to a minimum, and of course they cannot be expected to station guards at every doorstep. The two remaining werewolves are still at large, likely deranged and desperate and very dangerous even in their usual form. We must do all we can to see that they are captured before they do any more harm.

I certainly hope this helps some of you. If there are any other questions or concerns regarding the werewolf plague I would direct you to the Ministry offices proper, where they have a good deal of information available to the public on the nature of werewolves and how to protect yourself against them. Please bear in mind that the Creature Control authorities are still on the look-out for these beasts and will doubtless locate and restrain them in a very short while, but in the meantime every precaution is necessary. Thank you!

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[21 Apr 2004|09:49am]
Hello again! It is good to have this little book back again, I must say. That nice young secretary chap must have picked it up with the rest of the papers I had for him by accident. Not his fault, of course, I can't blame him for getting mixed up a bit, but he really ought to be more careful with peoples' things in the future! I'd have hated to have to buy a new one; I've only just got it to the way I like it. I'm really rather fond of it by now (though I don't always have the time to devote to it, sadly). I spent ages looking for it, I even asked him... but I'm sure it must have been a mistake on his part, and perhaps he felt guilty about it, because it reappeared on my desk just this morning.

I should really speak to him about his job performance. He seems eager enough to do the work but he's always running off somewhere. I wonder what he's up to? I may have to speak to Watstone about him.

Well, let's not dwell on such things, shall we? Things have been running very smoothly lately - no funny deaths or disappearances, at least, aside from that incident in Yorkshire. Quite a mess that was. I'm not at liberty to say anything specific, truthfully, but the Ministry would do well to crack down a bit on dangerous beings. Especially ones that... well, I daresay that thing should have been locked up. Or put down, perhaps, after what it did to all those people.

That seems to be about the lot of it, then. Just popping in to make sure nothing's gone wrong with my book in its absence. Everything seems to be in proper working order, though, so I suppose I ought to get back to work!

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[10 Apr 2004|12:32pm]
I must register my astonishment at the most recent development in this... well, I hesitate to call it a war, really, being rather one-sided as it is. Hogwarts, of all places! Merlin have mercy on us. And a teacher as well! I wouldn't have thought it possible, but there you are. Very unfortunate, but a good thing that no one else was harmed. It would truly be a tragedy if any of the students were involved in this mess.

And really, if I had known they were hiring... well, of course I have my own work now to consider, and quite a bit of work it is, too. This place has been absolutely buzzing since the moment I got here. It's very lucky for them that I arrived when I did, I don't think they would have lasted much longer without me! Of course, I can't say much about what I've been up to - strictly confidential, Ministry business, you know - but I am very glad that I took this opportunity to help. It's a pity, actually, I had considered being an Auror at one point! But my time was needed elsewhere, unfortunately, and I never got round to it. But I suppose if I can't serve on the front, as it were, I can help in other ways. It is my duty as a citizen of the wizarding world, after all!

Ah, that nice young secretary seems to need something from me. I'd best be off. No rest for the weary!

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[02 Apr 2004|04:22pm]
Good news! An old friend of the family, Mr Watstone from London, has just sent me a letter requesting my singular talents be put to use at the Ministry of Magic! Apparently there's been something of a ruckus going on in his department recently, and as he's had to sack several of his inept but very valuable staff members, he has asked me to replace them!

Well, this certainly puts things in a fix. I had meant to go on holiday in a short time, now that Nanny's knee has healed (under my expert supervision, of course), but seeing as it is a rather knotty situation, and with Mr Watstone being such a good friend and all... really, there's very little room for me to decline such a gracious offer. Perhaps it will be only temporary, but far be it from me to leave a long-time friend in such a desperate state. I had always imagined I would one day find myself in the employ of the Ministry - it seems finally that day has come! What luck!

I'll be meeting with him in his offices on Monday, and I'll begin shortly thereafter. For the rest of the weekend, I shall spend my time saying good-bye to dear Bourton. This place has quite the propensity for growing on one. It's just a pity my holiday has to wait.

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[17 Mar 2004|10:29pm]
It is absolutely criminal the things I have been subjected to lately that have taken time off from this journal. Dear old Nanny Victorina sprained her knee just last week, so I've come down to Bourton to care for her for a while. This town is just fantastic, I can't begin to describe it if you've never been. I remember coming here when I was very small, in the spring, and playing with all the lovely flowers and cats and gnomes, and then going down to the lake at dusk and feeding the ducks. I haven't been back since... well, my, it must have been before I started at Hogwarts, I suppose! It really hasn't changed too much over the years, except there are a great deal more ducks that are a lot less intimidating than I seem to remember.

It's a good thing, too, that I'm here away from all those horrible attacks on the Muggles (although I myself am of completely pure-blooded ancestry, dating back many many generations). If those wretches would have the courage to come to a town as nice and peaceful as Bourton here, I would definitely have quite a few things to square up with them! What a truly wicked thing to do, attack helpless, unarmed Muggles. They never hurt anyone, really. Bit daft but that's part of their charm, I always thought. What's the point in killing them?

At any rate, and regardless of the gloomy air that has stolen over the magical world recently, I've been having a wonderful time here with Nanny. It's a bit rough with all the work to be done - her garden is choking with weeds, but she can't do all that much anymore, being her age, nearly one hundred-and-six now! I just spent the entire day teaching some of the other wizard children nearby how to properly de-gnome a garden. I marvel sometimes how the rascals ever managed to do it before! Their posture was completely off, and I daresay I rather fancy myself something of an expert in these matters (I got marvelous marks in Care of Magical Creatures, you know, but I don't like to brag about that) and it took nearly four hours until they had their elbows at the correct angle, before it was time for tea. Now I am far too weary to go and feed the ducks tonight, I must see to it that I do tomorrow. I'm sure they must miss my presence there at the pond.

Ah, my hand is starting to ache again where that nasty little brute of a gnome bit me. I'll have to fetch some essence of murtlap for it, hmm.

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[20 Feb 2004|04:35pm]
Well now! Hello everyone! These are quite fascinating little things aren't they, these journals? Most amazing! Compact and versatile, not to mention easily personalised... I must meet the brilliant mind behind their creation. What a perfect place to keep all my thoughts and records, don't you all agree?

You can imagine my surprise when I opened it to find such a colourful array of individuals contributing- including some of my old house-mates! It will be wonderfull to keep in touch with everyone again, especially in such dark times. We wizardly kind must stay as a strong community against the pervasive malevolence of these vile adversaries! Bravery in the face of terror! United we stand, et cetera!!

At any rate, here is not the place for such dreadfully depressing matters. I'm rather keen on filling these pages with my own personal thoughts and deeds but at the moment I think I'll fix myself a nice cup of tea and tinker a bit more with this marvellous little book. See you all soon!

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